Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nana's Daycare Service

Nana came to let me out today; I asked Nana if I could go over to her place for the afternoon, Nana said SURE!

Off we went to hang out with Rye-Lee and Papa George for that afternoon.  I've been real sneaky with my "counter surfing" techniques.  I almost landed me a banana from the kitchen table.

*note to self*  Work on being more stealth in the new year.

After work Devin came to gather me up. We went on a walk together, Nana came along too.  So far this winter I want to lead the way. I'm full of P n' V.  So much to smell and smell again..and again and again...

Just after our walk, Devin loaded me into the truck;  I settled in for my LONG drive back home *hehe*

Crammed up against Devin's work bag

Devin was getting into "normal" clothing and heard me get into something.  I haven't seen Devin move that fast before.  I could see the relief on Devin's face when it was figured out that I was only pulling a selected toy out of my toy box.
Squeaky toy that caused Devin to run

Exhausted. I played for 3 mins

Terry and Me

Look at my winter feet!  I grew the hair between my toes ALL BY MYSELF :)

Terry and I again.

Nana is coming over tomorrow (again) to take me over to her place tomorrow afternoon.  Devin has already set aside my food to go with me.  To Nana's house we go :)  We're all going to have a New Years Supper together.  

Gotta go


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