Thursday, December 15, 2011

Had A Bit Of A "Webble" (spazy moment)

Last night Devin tried to get me to come to bed. I was more than content to stay where I was at....

Oh bother Devin....

Go....away....already... I'm trying to sleep. Shouldn't you be sleeping??

Taken while I was at Nana's today...  Pillows... Love Pilows

Devin went to do the laundry - I had a major meltdown.  Not even the KONG that was given to me gave me comfort.  I dropped it and went to the door in an all out cry.  When Devin came back from putting the laundry in I had just about finished up my crying, I was wondering back over to my KONG.

When it was time for Devin to check on the laundry, I wasn't going to take a chance.  When Devin came back into the house, I was hanging out in the hallway with my KONG.     WAITING

Still not trusting that Devin was done leaving me for the day, I decided to set up camp (briefly) in the hallway...

It's been decided (for me) that I'll continue with my full doseage of meds for another month.  It's been said that generally one sees results in about 2 months.  We might have jumped the gun today. 


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