Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Greyt Day In The Books...

I had a rather decent day.  As usual it was a bit slow to start.....

I absolutely LOVE PILLOWS!

I just want to lay here for a wee bit more....

Devin packed up a few of my toys, water/food dish, snacks, blanket and we hit the road.
We went over to Melissa's for the day.  I had fun skipping around in the backyard.
Lovin' the white stuff
See the Santa stocking on the far right?  I was quite curious with that one. I tried a few times to take it off the wall.

Squishy nose... I laid like this for a bit

Oddly enough, comfortable...

I was a little chilly. Melissa covered me up

z z z z z
z z z z

Surrounded by my friends

The Christmas tree was a bit of a challenge when I first made my way into the living room area.
Devin had to scoot me out from behind the tree. I was making the decorations (balls) fall to the ground.
We learned today, that maybe a Christmas tree wouldn't be a good thing for me.  Santa will still come regardless- we have a fireplace to put our stockings by.

When we arrived home there was a card in the door for us.

William dropped off a Christmas card for us while we were out :)   My first Christmas card! :)
(William calls me Mila)

 After all the excitement today it didn't take long for me to gobble up in my dinner and head into my "nest".

The Flamingo Roach

Greyt Day :)


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