Friday, December 2, 2011

And You Had No Faith In Me....

This morning we did our usual "Day Shift" routine.  I went back to bed after having my breakfast; Devin puttered about a bit.  I normally stay in bed, but this morning I decided to get out of bed as Devin was just about to leave and plopped myself down - giving Devin "those eyes".  The "Oh yeah, you're leaving, I'll show you.....Maybe" eyes.

Devin was apprehensive about leaving for work, but it had to be done.  I continued to lay there.  Devin continued down the hall, no peeps could be heard from me.

Nana came by this afternoon to take me out for a lil' walk. Nana sure is sneaky. She's still keeping with the frozen bean trick.  She didn't even come in to see me, I heard the beans drop in my bowl and I came running!

When Nana came by it was snowing; she dressed me up in my winter coat, snood n' all. I have the patience of a saint to stand there while being dressed up. 

Nana couldn't stay long, she had to get to work.  Before leaving she gave me my KONG filled with frozen goodness!!

When Devin came home from work I was found vegged out on the "big bed".  I managed to twirl around throughout the day; moving the quilt aside to snuggle down into the pillows and fuzzy blanket. 
It's a GREYT life!

 Photos from last night:
Hanging out in my nest last night

 Devin tried to get me to come to bed last night.  I was content laying in my nest....

 I eventually came to bed..... I was rather comfy until Devin decided I should have my teeth brushed *hmpft*

When Devin came from I was found in the "big bed"
Ello, Don't mind me....
Back in from our evening stroll....

I'll be happy when you get over photographing every moment of my life here.....Weren't you going to bed??



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