Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Greyt Life...

Devin worked on laundry this morning while I worked on the KONG that was given to me.  At one point Devin came back into the house and find me in the hallway with my KONG; enjoying my distraction while keeping an eye on the door for the return.  I did cry a few cries when Devin left (when I was KONGLESS), I did quiet down quickly though.

We went over to Melissa's again today.  As soon as Devin mentioned "Are you coming with me", I started to go a bit nutty.  Devin couldn't get ready fast enough. I was ready to go NOW.

The photos below pretty well sum up my day.  Although at one point I did manage to climb into the hockey back cubby hole to check things out; unfortunately there wasn't a photo taken of that. 

We had a Target Touch Training session this evening. I did GREYT!  I leaped higher than I have ever done. Normally I get discouraged and wander off, this time I took to it like a champ.

I kinda forgot "roll over"; Devin had to show me a few times; towards the end I caught on.

That's about it from me.


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