Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Only 5 More Sleeps And Santa Will Be Here!!!!

Oh what a day!  I've been all over the place.  First I went to Nana's for what was suppose to be a couple of hours. I nearly spent the day there. 

I'll break down my day in sections:

Devin brought me over to Nana's this morning.  I hung out with Uncle Rye-Lee and Nana.
I kept going over to the door and crying.  Finally Nana clued in that I needed to go out.  I had a HUGE pee outside.  This going to the door is a new thing for me.  Nana thought I was just upset because Devin had gone to town without me.

I settled right down after having gone outside.  Laying on my blanket, using my sheepie as a pillow.
At one point Rye-Lee jumped down from the back of the couch. I didn't even bat an eye. Rye-Lee is getting more daring with me being around.  He wandered off into the kitchen to hang out with Nana.

Rye-Lee took my sheepie from Nana



Rye-Lee on the back of the couch with my Sheepie, Me on the floor with my stuffy sheepie

The door....   Can you see all my thigh hair???? It's growing back :)
When I first came home with Devin I had a baboon butt.

Resting with my Sheepie

Out Cold at Nana's

I like to lay up against things. z z z


 We have a rental car while Devin's truck is being fixed.  This is me looking less than impress with the leg and body room in the back seat.

Watching the road behind me...

Are we there yet??
 Devin had to leave me with "Uncle" Gary while a Santa photo needed to be taken.  I did well at Gary and Debbie's.  I ate up my KONGS and crashed on the floor in the man cave.
I did have trouble at their house with their stairs. Devin had to try and scoot my bum under me to get me to go down the stairs.  As well when It was time to leave I needed help getting up them.  I'd make it up only as fair as my front feet would reach, then I'd get discouraged and go back down.  Much like when I first came home.

I've been playing strange with stairs at Nana's too. Devin had to keep at me; encouraging me while I tried to get up them.
"Man Cave  with "Uncle" Gary
and back home we go....

I sure can't wait until we get our truck back on Thursday/Friday.

Finally I'm back home and in my "nest".  Comfy as can be. I'm really liking this new "bed" that's been put inside there for me.  An oldie but a goodie.

Oh - Here's a few photos of the stocking Devin is making me for Christmas :)
The heel just needs to be added/created then the toe.  Just about done!  Yay!   Santa will have something to put my "good boy" presents in!


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