Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's Cookin'??

Last night I was feeling less than motivated to go for my evening stroll....
Devin had to coax me out with a piece of "breath buster".  Food always wins over my will.

I don't wan to go....

Christmas lights :)

 For as much as I protested my walk, I walked Devin 2km's last night. :)

When I got home, I crashed hard....
z z z z

puff zz z z z
z z z z z
 Devin tricked me out of my "nest" this morning.  I was told I'd get breakfast; what I got was my snood and a leash. Off we went for our morning walk.  In protest, i made sure it wasn't a "productive" walk.

When we got home, i had my breakfast and pill; back into my "nest" i went.  Devin started cooking up food for work.  That definitely had my curiosities going.
Sniff sniff...what's that i smell??

Maybe if i'm sneaky over here.....

sniff sniff

oops, Hello :)


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