Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A True Yankee...

This morning we did some more Target Training.  I managed to slink off into my "nest" at one point.  Devin didn't close the door tight enough. Devin's loss, my gain!

It took a bit of convincing but I came out and decided to join the game again.
I worked on laying down, roll over (where i flop to my side),  touching a high target. I was like a little kangaroo doing mini bounces to reach up and tap Devin's hand.

Devin did some laundry. I had just one mini meltdown; more like a quick few cries.  When Devin had to go change over the loads I was given a KONG to keep me occupied.  I was done my KONG  by the time Devin came back - Laying in the hallway.

After the laundry was all done  Devin decided we'd get up and go to the park before the weather turned nasty.

Waiting patiently for Devin....

Ready to go?

Crammed into the car - Let's go!

I can't wait to have my backseat back....

We're here!!!!

It was windy and chilly, Devin thought I needed my jacket on

Handsome Me

I wandered around the park looking for my favorite toy (that tire with a rope).  No such luck, but I did manage to find a baseball.  Devin tried tossing "my" ball; i really wanted nothing to do with it.
The baseball on the other hand, step aside!  I got in touch with my Yankee side.  I LOVE BASEBALLS!!!
It appeared to be new; not for long. I managed to chomp my way through it.  I even somehow manage to get the ball stuck in my lower teeth; just as Devin was coming to help get it off, i freed it myself.


Who?...Me? I didn't do that....

  It was from the chomping of the ball and tearing through the outside that I cut up my gum :(

And.... I'm done....

Back in the car - z z z z

When we arrive home Devin took me for a little walk.  It was chilly *brrrr*  On went my jacket!
I made it to my "nest" before Devin could remove my jacket

KONG time - Devin had to lure me out of my "nest" with a KONG to get my jacket off me.  Too much playing around with the KONG made me not trust Devin.  Into my "nest" i went.   KONG IS ALLLLL MINE!


Doing the Flamingo in my sleep (one leg up, the other leg down)
Not much else going on in these parts.  It's a good day to just lay around. 
Devin informed me that we'd be doing more clicker Target Touch Training later.  One of these times we'll have to get some footage of that.   :)


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