Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cold Canadian Winter - Finally Getting A Taste

The temperature really dropped here today.  I'm finally having a taste of what a "True Canadian" winter is all about.

Fully white snow
Smooth snow packed ground to walk on

Ice - Sure is slippery!
Chunky snow/ice, uneven ground

It took some convincing this evening to get me to go outside.  When I finally gave in, I peed me a river.
Devin really isn't sure how or why I do what I do.

In order to get me outside most days Devin has to do the following:
last resort, bribery  (most times it works, still need convincing)

Which you know is really odd, because once I'm out there I flow like a river.  I've had Devin stand there with me for nearly 5mins while I pee up a storm.  I think what it comes down to is, most days i'm just far too comfy to even consider moving. Meh*

Last night I spent the night at Nana's.  She went picture happy on me, I felt like I was at home with Devin.

Hanging out in the kitchen

Found my comfy spot

Papa George giving me some lovin'

Can we go outside??

Rye-Lee, Papa George and Me at the snack cupboard!

Papa George packing my....err I mean his lunch for work

All eyes on deck
Busted!  oops...

LOVING cooler water at Nana's.

Papa George being silly.  I think he missed his calling in life "horse jockey".
Either I'm really tall or Papa George is really short. I'll let him argue that one....

Cuddled in and Sleeping under Devin's shirt that was packed in my overnight bag for me.

Rye-Lee in his safe spot between the chair and the wall.  Everyone having a nap...

Hangin' out with "Terry"

Found my spot on the day bed.

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