Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Caught Up....

It's been busy around there lately.  Doesn't look like it's going to wind down much before the weekend either..
We went on our morning walk together. The rain was coming down, but that didn't stop us. I kept my snood up over my ears/head. We stopped by Nana's for a quick moment before heading home.  I found the cookie jar in the garage *NOM NOM*   I kept looking and sniffing at the jar, so Nana gave me a cookie.

Devin had to leave shortly after we were home.  That was okay though; just before Devin went out I was given 5 (F I V E) KONGS filled with kibble/frozen yogurt goodness!!!! 

Earlier on this afternoon we went to Pet Valu.  I was a hit (as always) with everyone who walked into the store.  Always getting love and kind words.  
Devin picked up some more Ar'Ful dehydrated liver for me. *nom nom nom* and a plushy comfy bed for me to use for my training.

Once home we did some target touch training. I was quick to figure out "lay down" (again).  I didn't miss a beat with the target touching either. 

Here are a "few" photos that were taken of me over the past few days.

I do get myself in some odd positions while laying inside my "nest".  Devin came walking by the other day and wondered how on earth i got my leg up like that (i was laying on the hip of that leg i have up in the air).

We had playtime on the floor

Crazy eyes!

More crazy eyes

Devin thinks I managed to chap my upper lip...

Devin does these stupid things with me... I just lay there and humour....

Chapped lips :(

My Toronto Squirrel still squeaks :)
Tired out from playing...

Hanging out in the garage waiting for a cookie....

KONG Goodness - I was left alone with 5 KONGS while Devin was out :)

On our way to Pet Valu ..z z z z

 It was a little crowded on the way home from Pet Valu today....

Sporting my pillow hat :)

I'll be happy when the snow tires are put on his Friday. I'll have my backseat all to myself again!


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