Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Is Better Than 1

Devin had to go into town to pick up my new food.
Natural Balance - Sweet Potato and Venison.  I was VERY interested in the bag. Devin put it in "lock down" with my other food. hfmpt!

In order to keep me occupied and "happy" Devin gave me 5 KONGS filled with kibble and yogurt.
I had a bit of a panicked look in my eye when Devin went to leave, but the KONGS ended up being more of my concern.

Night shift this weekend -  Nana will be coming by to hang out with me and take me out.  Until then...
Nap time near Devin.
squishy nose thing...

more squishy nose

curled up with squishy nose

Okay, Nap time


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