Friday, December 23, 2011

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow....

We were in bed at an incredibly early hour last night. 1930hrs
Devin tried and tried and tried to get me go to outside after supper.  I hasn't been out since 1440hrs when Nana came over to let me out.  I wasn't moving for anyone.   Now, come 0123hrs that was another story. I had Devin outside going for a 4minute non-stop pee. 

We managed to go back to bed until about 0700hrs.  Out for a walk we went, I was more than willing to go this time.  Devin put my blue magic balloons on my feet, coat and collars and off we went.  I did my usual zoom around (we will try and upload that video footage later).  At one point I was sitting in the snow.  The only time i sit outside is when i'm about to scratch, or about to take off in a full out zoomie. 

Now I'm back in where it's nice and warm, feed, medicated and watered.  I've curled up inside my "nest".  Devin mentioned going out to the park today.   That would be fun to run around in all that snow! :)

Gotta let breakfast settle about though before I do that though.


Found my bed...

Nose warmer

Curly foot

Praying? (That Devin stops with the photos)

Oh bother...

Cold... Covered up

z z   z  z z z

This morning - SNOW!
Preflight to zoomies!

Devin can't keep up with my magic balloon feet.They make me walk FAST

Shake Shake Shake




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