Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Nippy/Yippy" - I Have A List Of Demands and I Mean Business OR YOU GET NO BUSINESS

Nana came by today to let me out.  I was way too comfortable to be bothered.
My list of demands for "out time" with Nana are increasing.  She used to be able to get me to come with her by simply giving me a few green beans.  My list has now increased to:

Frozen Green Beans
Ice Cubes

I like to take Nana on long walks in the afternoon.  This time though, I cut it short and brought Nana back home when it started (cold) raining.

This evening I had a "Nippy" "Yippy" moment.    After completing my Target Training session  - - which I did A M A Z I N G, Nana thought it to be a wonderful idea to try and get those "balloon" things on my feet.  Nana tried for a few moments, before causing me to YIP and NIP.  Small flesh wound - Maybe Nana shouldn't have pulled her hand free from my mouth???  But in all honesty, Nana can be a bit rough at times.  She means well....
I think she caught the balloon thingy between my toes or pushed up on my  nail.  I DO have a tendency to be DRAMATIC from time to time... We'll never know.

Devin said enough of that though, and put the balloon thing on my foot. I wasn't moving from where I had cornered myself (beside the couch and my "nest").  Devin put on my runaway collar and up I came.  I walked around a little strange; completing a lap around the kitchen, down the hall and back to my "nest" area.  Devin then took it off my foot for me.  I was rewarded with a few frozen beans; off my "nest" I then slinked off to.

We're heading to see Janet in the morning.  Update to follow.
I'm going along for the ride to have my weight checked; and really who doesn't like a car ride??


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