Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Time Challenges.... You Go Outside!

I found it hard to find motivation yesterday.   Devin napped on the couch, while I was more than content to crash in my "nest". 

Out cold z z z z

z z z z z smiles
 Finally Devin was able to motivate me to go outside.   It was my second "snowfall"; not much of one, but still the white stuff was fluttering about.  Sure beats the rain!

This morning when Devin came home from work, I located on the bed.  I made a mess of my bed (tossing the covers about) and decided to mangle up Devin's neatly put together bed.  It's hard to get under the covers when you're all paws.  *le sigh*

Busted. Maybe if i lay here....

Devin will go away??

My mangled bedding

Still laying...

Do you think Devin noticed me here??

Ah, Yes... I've been spotted.   Devin attempting to get me dressed to go outside.

Not helping any. Laying there quietly....

Gawd, just leave me alone.... It's early!

Fine...Downward Dog Stretch... Almost made it back into my "nest". Devin redirected me towards the door.

Standing in the opposite corner from where the door opens up.  Still protesting

Leaning up against the door. Do I have to go out there??

We finally did make it out door. We didn't go very far; but all was accomplished.  Back home from breakfast, pill and now back in my "nest".  z z z z z


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