Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things Are Looking Up! :)

Dr. Janet called:

1) My urine test results came back  GREYT!
The ratios were within range.  I think that surprised her some because of the previous test results.

2) I believe she said there were 50 crystals in a field.  This means that I could potentially develop a stone.
 That being said, She asked what food I'm currently on:
Holistic Select.

She was surprised at the crystal reading because of the above mentioned food that I'm on. 
She suggested we make a switch to either:
Natural Balance

I'm just about the end of this bag, so this change couldn't come at a better time. 
We will go back in February for another urine test to see where things are at.  Other than that, We were told to have a Merry Christmas :)


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