Monday, December 19, 2011

You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch

Where to start?  I was less than motivated yesterday morning.  This seems to be my running theme these days.  I mean really, who wants to be woken up at 6am to go outside???  I know Devin likely didn't care much for that when I first came home. (hehe)  I guess it's payback time.


I'm out of bed, but I'm not helping you any....

Devin managed to get the "Pawz" on my feet.  Once outside, I did my STOP DROP and ROLL.
I boogied most of the way on my walk; my tail was wagging a mile a minute.  I mean once I recomposed myself from the STOP DROP and ROLL episode.  Devin told me I was a nut job. hehe
Winter "Pawz" boots.
 Devin took too long in removing them from my feet. I went off to my "nest" and awaited help.
pfttt (tongue sticking out)

Laser eye

K, take them off now? Please? 
 This morning Devin was late in getting home.  I didn't mind much at all.  I was most comfy on the bed; couldn't have cared less.   Devin brought home a new bed.  I'm a bit confused by it; To me, it seems like one big stuffy chew toy.

Downward dog

Checking things out

More downward dog (very stretchy these days when I get out of bed)

Don't try this at home, i'm a trained professional

nibble nibble

And we're off.... *CHOMP*


Am I suppose to lay on this??


Snuggle blanket

Devin told me that I was getting my own Christmas stocking. I decided I'd try and knit one myself
Look what I found :)

 Devin relocated my "old bed".  my nest is sooo comfy!
Ello, Do you mind?
 While Devin was showering I decided to renovate.  I pulled my new bed out from the bedroom; then i ran off into my nest before Devin got out of the shower.
What? You didn't leave that there???
Where the bed "was"

Thank you for bringing it into the living room for me.  Sometimes I'm all teeth and paws...

Hi :)

z z z

It's not so bad

Tired out from pulling the new bed into the hall.  Decided to crash in the big bed

We went to Melissa's today.  I managed to steal a few ornaments from the tree when I THOUGHT no one was paying attention.  I was perfecting my "Mr. Grinch" Skills

I found this gem in the tree.  Trees grow stuffies???

Killjoys. .. *le sigh*  "found" stuffy taken away

and... back in the tree I go.  I stole a boot that time.
The "stolen" boot is beside Snoopy.  That thing made lots of noise and moved on its own.  GAME ON.

Watching from a distance after they had to remove it from my mouth

Getting ready to leave.  I look a little creepy here.    Angel and I :)

Devin took too long to round up on my things. I laid down near Angel

One more of us :)
 Rather busy day. I wonder what tomorrow will hold for us?


P.S we did some target training today.  I was on my game :)

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