Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blogging From Nana's

Hello fine people of the internet (and family),

I'm writing to you from Nana's house today.  Devin had to run some errands and the fire alarms were being tested outside our house; we figured it would be best if I came here to hang out for a bit.  No need to set me back several days by some unsuspected noises.

When we first came by Nana's I went outside with Rye-Lee.  He stood there barking his full head off at me.  I just stood there wagging my tail at him.

Devin had to take off so here I be.... It took a bit for me to settle in, I didn't cry or anything, but I did keep going to the door that leads to the stairway to go outside.

Rye-Lee and I are hanging out together.  Nana lost us at one point and found us in the bedroom together; laying in our respective corners.  Nana said it was a miracle!   As you've seen from previous photos Rye-Lee tends to keep to the back of the couch while i'm over for a visit.

All in all I'm having a greyt visit at Nana's.  Since Devin came back, i've been a bit of a piece of Velcro. Meh, whatever.... :)

Definitely relaxed at Nana's

Rye-Lee came down a cushion... We're making progress
 Nana Lost Us....
Everyone doing their own thing...

He may be small, but he's my Uncle...

I think that we are going to be friends..... :)
We're waiting on Dr. Janet's phone call....Health update to follow.


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