Friday, August 10, 2012

"rollover" scare and the Smile Files

After being away from the blogging scene for a bit, it sure is hard to get back at it.

I just had to put that out there.

Today we received a package in the mail.  In there was an awesome squeaker toy (i ate within a min of having it) and a bag of "rollover" snacks.

Devin was smart and closed my crate door so I couldn't get back in there with my new toy.  I chomped away on that for sometime on the floor until I chewed off one of the knobby things.  After I destroyed that Devin gave me the "rollover" to munch on.

I was doing good until I was a little more than halfway done. Devin saw me pop the whole thing into my mouth, short time after I spit it out and would do that a few more times.  I scratched my head with my front paw, that first alerted Devin that something wasn't right.  I stopped doing that after one swipe.  Devin watched me a bit more, then I started up again.  Devin quickly grabbed my hind legs and held my back end up like a wheelbarrow to let gravity do its thing with me.  I managed to get it out from my throat.  Devin was too slow in taking it away, as soon as it popped out, I quickly grabbed it up again and finished it off.

Before I got the choking point, Devin was concerned and tried to "trade up" for a different treat.  I wasn't budging on the one I had though. Was far too tasty!  Lesson learned today... Unfortunately almost the hard way.

I went off into my crate and napped the remainder of the day away - much like the morning.
I even had a bit of ETS going on this evening.  I tell you, the retired like here is greyt!  Well aside from having the camera in my face practically 24/7.  The only relief i seem to get is when my Human "Devin" goes to sleep for the night.  I know i'm guaranteed a few hours of non blinding lights.

Someone to watch over me

 New Toy!
"rollover" snack
Eating in front of my friends

 Choking takes a lot outta a guy....
startled away by the flash
Mini ETS

PS voting as begun on the PetValu calendar contest.  You have to "register" to vote!

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