Saturday, August 25, 2012

Strange Smells and CHICKEN!

Friday -
Arts and Crafts - Me crashed on my bed, waiting for Devin to come home.

Devin finished up nights Friday morning and puttered around. Before going for our walk, I landed a case of the crazies as Devin calls them.  I zipped around and flew my things about. Just as I was going for the angel in the corner (photo above) Devin put a stop to that. I quickly chilled out, when I was told No.

We went on our morning walk, then came home to sleep, or so I thought that that is what we were going to do.    Devin ended up heading out a few hours later to see Erin and baby Preston.

Spooning with Frog

Devin brought home a few strange smells.  I was full of sniffs...Interesting.... I smell little human and small dog.  Interesting....

 I quickly forgot about the "cheating" when Devin brought me out to the car to pick up a few things. 

Walkin' with my loot!
Man on a misson *loot*
Still carrying it
 I went to town on Chicken.  Last time I had a chicken was when we came home from the east coast (last year).  Chicken then, didn't last very long. I ended up eating him to pieces.   This time I had a rockin' good time. It's lasted 2 whole days now - only a few little cracks. Still safe to play with. 
chomp chomp chomp
Taking a break.
brought Chicken back to the nest for a nap with me
Round 3
 Saturday -

Devin slept from 7pm last night until 5am this morning.  Still tired from staying up the previous day after working, We went outside for a quick "out" this morning, then back in.  Devin went to bed, I went to work. 
CHICKEN!!!  Devin called out to me  a few times to tell me it was too early to be playing with that toy.  I continued on.    Devin got back up and served up breakfast.  I went back to right after filling my tummy.  Devin put my chicken over on the corner chair.  I forgot about it, and quickly went into slumber.

Later on today, i got myself turned around in my nest, and had a hard time getting up and or out. Devin had to pull me out a bit so I could right myself.  Thank Goodness for Devin!
A little stuck
Are you just going to take photos, or are you going to help me??
Hangin' around - stuck with Chicken (video capture)


Morning Crazies

Lazy Licks - Bowl

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