Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shredding Fun and Frog Smackdown

The last two nights Devin has been on night shift.  When Nana's come over to check on me I've been super roached out on the big bed.  Unfortunately, the flash on Devin's camera has been acting up. Nana hasn't been able to take bright photos.

In the morning time though Devin has come home to find me on my bed in the bedroom.

Night shift 1
Night shift 2
 This morning when Devin came home from work, I was laid out on my bed. I didn't want to get up and go outside at all.  When I did get up for my morning walk, I was dressed in my raincoat and thera paws.

Good thing I'm cute!  This outfit makes me look awkward!

 After our walk and my breakfast, Devin went to bed and I went back to bed.  When Devin woke up I was found all turned around on my bed.

Turned around on my bed.
 Last night when Nana was getting my KONG for me, laid down on the towel with my bum facing Nana, while I stayed looking at the wall.  Having a bit of a backwards day; which carried over to today.

This afternoon Devin brought out the newspaper for me to play with.  I went crazy town on it. I laid in my bed just shredding the paper. I couldn't be bothered to leave my nest to shred.

Eating the first piece of paper *ack*
Devin put my newspaper just out of reach to see if I'd come out and play. NOPE

 Tuckered out!
Devin cleaned up some of my papers for me.
Later on in the afternoon Devin had to get ready for to go out this evening.  When Devin jumped into the shower I had a bit of a fight with my blue bunny.  I kicked him out of my nest.  Devin found me on my bed, while the bunny was out in the middle of the hallway.
Post bunny fight
 Devin pulled out my frog from the corner of the bedroom. I had a smack down fight with Frog.  He eventually won.
Ok, you win.
 Tomorrow I go see Gina to get my nails trimmed! :)  

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