Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roaches and Morning Walks

Last night -
Out cold while Poppa George fixed the A/C for us.  It's been leaking for a few days now. Guess what?
It just needed to be tilted back. 

Upon hearing the news of my roaching while this work was going on in the living room., Devin took back my "guard dog" title.  No need to alert anyone, when there's just me.  I can take care of myself (see Nana's finger). 
Roaching up a storm (Note * bed is made in this photo*)
I decided to do some arts and crafts after Devin had left for work last night.  I left them there for Nana to find when she was due to come over to check on me.

A few chomps, Master Piece completed!
And still roaching  *wondering if they could keep it down in there* Trying to sleep...

This morning when Devin came home, my master piece was still in the hallway.
Master Piece
 I was a sneaky one last night. I made the bed to my liking once everyone departed for the night.
First thing this morning Devin couldn't find me. I was hidden amongst the blankies and pillows.
Can you find me??
Here I am!

Devin asked if i needed to go outside. My reply - flop on the pillows
Admiring my master piece from the bed

I did finally get up and go for my morning walk.  We have been taking a new route lately. Tons of things to sniff. It's nice to change things up now and again.

Skinny ankles ~morning sun shinning through one~
My "it's a little early for photos, no?"  look
Nope, not gonna look...
Can we go already?
enough with the pictures....

 home for breakfast and straight to bed. It's a sleepy time day for us. *yay*

See you tonight Nana!
 *PS* It's that time of year again where the wasps are getting kinda stupid. Devin doesn't let me stand too long in one place, they tend to gravitate towards me.  Also, at the front door, they like to hang out on the brick and wait for us. *ugh*    Devin, My HERO has swatted a few away from me. 


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