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Camp Adventures - New Brunswick 2012 July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

Last night I decided to join Devin in the bunk bed.  I brought a whole new meaning to bunk bed.
I started out at the foot of the bed, worked my way nearly sideways, kicked Devin several times, cruised my way up along the wall, continued to kick Devin.

While Devin and I bunked together, at some point someone down the lake was setting off real boomers for fireworks. The noise didn't bother me any.

Finally, Devin went out to sleep on the couch.  I laid in bed, happy that I had the single bunk all to myself.  It stayed there until the toilet started making these strange banging sounds. 

It didn't take me long to go find Devin out on the couch. I crawled into my nest and didn't move from there much before breakfast time.  I had Devin up at my usual time for breakfast.

We went for a walk up the lane, I did what I had to do, then turned around to come back to the camp.  By the time we came back in from our walk that strange clunking sound had stopped.

A little bit later Devin and I went over to the Robinson camp for a visit.  While there I was given my morning foot treatment.  I laid up on the couch quietly while my feet did what they had to do.
Brent came in and gave me lots of lovings.   This surprised Devin, as Brent sat right down beside me on the couch and started petting me.  At one point he even had his face down in front of mine (Devin warned him and gave the "I'm not liable, I've warned you " speech).  He even went as far as to point his fingers at my front teeth and moved my front lip about. 

Then it happened.... Nana came out from the washroom and saw Brent touching me *busted*.

(I had a bit of a nippy moment in the truck with Nana last night. When we were on our last leg of the trip down here, Nana put her hand in back and I got a little nippy lips with her.  Earlier on, I didn't mind her petting me. I even let her give me scritches).

 A little later on Devin and Jill went out into the lake for a quick morning bath/clean up.  I stayed in the camp under Nana's watchful eye.  I cried up a mini storm but quickly settled on the couch.

Once Devin came back into the camp, I relaxed enough to roach on the couch. *Finally* relaxed.

Later on, Devin and Cousin Jill went up to Fredericton for the afternoon; leaving me with Nana and Great Aunt K.K.  I spent the better part of my time up on the bunk.

I was all tail wags when Devin came to the front of the camp.  My Devin returned to me!

alll to myself
mornin' walk
are we related???
 not so sure about this deck
stole cousin Huddy's toy
short lived playtime...
Can I come outside n' hang out too??

poured down on us one afternoon...
good reason to lay on the couch and nap

First roach of the camp '2012
Cousin Wiffy n' me

Stay tuned for more...

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