Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tickles AND homeopath options?

I haven't quite adjusted to the time change just yet.  I've been VERY excited for breakfast; which means early mornings for Devin.  I know Devin tried to "ignore" me this morning, but my JEDI MIND TRICKS went to work. *hehe*

We went over to Nana's for a little visit this afternoon.  I had a good time rolling side to side. I tried to eat a few mini pine cones, but Devin is wise to my tricks and removed it from my mouth *hmpft*

I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but in the past week Devin found my tickle spot while scratching my chest. My back leg went a mile a minute.   The reason why i'm mentioning this is I did it to myself the other day.  I was nibbling an itch on my chest, and for as long as I nibbled (start and stopped) my leg went a mile a minute on me.  

My feet have been bugging me quite a bit lately.  Actually, if i had to pin point when I started hobbling more it would be when I went to the vet and she pared down my corns for me.   Devin kinda slacked with my foot treatments while we were on vacation. We didn't always do 2 treatments a day.  Now that we're home, we are back on the treatments.  

While Devin worked on my feet tonight, I was told that a phone call was going to be placed to Dr. Nat's vet.  If i'm not mistaken he's a homeopathic.  Maybe he can help me out with my corns. *shrug*
(Devin just sent an email to the Blair clinic to find out if Dr. Beltran has experience with my kind and corns)

Okay that's it for me.  Tomorrow Devin goes back to work for 1 day then off for the weekend.  It's a nice way to break us both back into the work schedule.


Hangin' at Nana's
Corn 2
Corn 1

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