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Camp Adventures - New Brunswick 2012 July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Devin slept out on the couch last night. I curled up in my nest for half the night. The other half of the night I made my way over to the bunk bed and slept there.

Devin crawled in beside me for a bit, before heading back to the couch.

I had Devin up early for breakfast, then once again to go outside. I kept walking in and out of the bunk area pushing through the curtain.  Eventually Devin got the hint and we went outside for a walk up the road.

Things I like about the camp life:
fresh air
dips in the lake - me wading out by myself and ploping down. None of this swimming stuff.

Things I dislike about the camp life:
Nothing really.  I'm just uncertain when it comes to going up and coming down the steps. I'm also not too keen on walking on the deck. In all cases you can see through to the ground. That kinda makes me feel uneasy.

The remainder of the day I chilled with Nana while Devin and Cousin Jill took to the lake for a 4 hour kayak venture.  Devin sure came back looking just like the cooked lobster others were eating the other night.

I spent a good part of my day out on the deck in my gated off area.    When Devin came back from Kayaking I had been inside the camp. I was a bit on the warm side and wasted no time heading down to the water with Devin.  I plopped myself down into the lake, lounging there for a moment before sprinting out of the water. Zipping around on land.  Devin tried to wheel me in , i let out a tiny yelp and off i went. Devin lost hold of me on my leash. I made a straight line for the camp door.  I jumped up on the deck only to get my leash caught on it. I stopped dead in my tracks.   Devin caught me and in we went.

Slip knot the leash and don't just hold on to it like you would a "regular" dog.

Devin only did one treatment on my feet today.  It was a late morning one. My feet are no better yet no worse.


Enjoying the morning air
Dining on the deck :)
how on earth do you sit on this thing??
Post supper/nightly walk up the road with the family
hot after my walk. taking a dip in the lake

stealing a sip of water
Cousin Huddy and Raya
Hangin' out in my nest...bedtime
 Stay tuned....

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