Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chiro, CTW Kennel, Homeopath - Oh My!

 Morning Crazies:  I woke Devin up this morning to go outside. I did my Jedi Mind Trick - stare down, wander back and forth to the bedroom. It took no time to wake The Devin up. *muuhahahahaha*

 Once back from my morning walk I crashed out pretty hard:

At 1445hrs my day got rolling -
heading to my chiro appointment

I'll break my day down like this:
Chiropractor Dr. Nat
Homeopath Appointment Made
Spoke with CTW Kennel Janele

Chiropractor Appointment with Dr. Nat went wonderful today.  She was very impressed with my alignment.
For as much as I limp with (because of my corns), I was in good shape.  I had one toe (lets call it my pinky) was out of whack, but placed that back into alignment and off I went.  She told Devin that I was good to go for 3 months.
End of my chiro appointment :)

We went over to Nana's to make our phone calls - (she has an excellent Long Distance plan)
hanging out on the daybed - watching the rain fall.
Hangin' with the boys
Milo using Nana's feet as pillow

Next order of business - Homeopath Vet Appointment made.

Devin called the office of Dr. Eddie Beltran "Dr. B" and made an appointment for September 13, 2012 @ 0930hrs.  Erin, the nice nurse lady asked a whole bunch of questions.

She said our first appointment with Dr. B would get us out at 11am.  Dr. B likes to get as much information as possible on the animals he sees.  When Devin told her I was a retired racer that history might be hard to come by, as I've only been "Home" for a year and 3 months, She said that wasn't a problem.  If Devin could find out what vet i used while I was on the track, that would be great; that way they could see about getting my health records forwarded up.   Devin told her that we'd try our best to get more information. 

On more thing to add, Devin asked what the success rate was for Dr. B's treatment of corns, understanding that no two dogs are alike. Nurse Erin said that some take to the treatment, others don't.  There are always other options, and Dr. B is more than willing to go through everything.  Keep trying until something works. *here's hoping something works the first time around!*     I will definitely update you on how my visit with him goes.

Last order of business - CTW Kennel - talk with Janele

Devin called and left a message with Grandpa Bill at gracanada.com; then had a brain wave to go directly to the source.  Devin found phone number to CTW Kennels and made a call.
The first attempt the answering machine clicked on.  A minute later Devin tried again. The second attempt Janele picked up the phone.
She was out back when we called. When she walked in the back of the house she heard a strange voice inside the house (likely our silly canadian accents *hehe*), It was us talking on her answering machine.

Devin had a wonderful conversation with Janele. She was able to report to us that I didn't have any major injuries. She said I was very healthy.  :)

Devin explained to her what's been going on between me and my Nana, she said that was very unusual.
It would be best if I went through obedience training.  Somewhere along the way I got this "alpha" thing in my mind, I should be listening when I'm told to do something.  Devin agreed.  Looks like i'm going back to school!
In the meantime, Janele gave us some advice in how to deal with my "alpha" issues.  Once we get a visit in with Dr. B, Devin is going to get me in on obedience classes.

That above pretty well sums up my day.  Pretty busy, eh?  I go from one extreme (sleeping) to another (running the roads).

Devin has a meeting tonight, I get to hang out here and enjoy the peace and quiet; and by that I mean No FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!


Jedi eyes   *pillow cuddles*

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