Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camp Adventures - New Brunswick 2012 August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

When I got up to go out for my morning "out", the rain was just coming down on us.
I'm sure glad Devin thought to pack my raincoat!

I didn't walk very far before turning us back around to come home.

In the evening when I was up on the couch at Camp Robinson and had a bit of a snarly moment with Huddy.
I was getting my feet done, so I wasn't in a good place to begin with; Huddy gave me a little sniff and I did my ferocious teeth snapping thing with a lot of vocal. I didn't snap at him, it was just up into the air I did.  Devin told me to cut it out. 

From there on out that evening poor old Huddy took the long way away around, making sure not to come near me. :( 

That was really all the excitement today held for me.  Devin left me to go to Harvey for a bit with Cousin Jill.  I cried a wee bit, but soon got over it.

All in all it was a rather relaxing day.  With the clouds and rain/drizzle, it was nice. Not too hot.
Rainy day
Cousin Huddy n' Me
creepy night sky
watching Devin on the other bunk.

Stay tuned...

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