Sunday, August 12, 2012

Superman Lifts Boulders. Me, I Try and Go Through Them!

We went to the park this morning. As soon as the engine cut I popped up in the backseat of the truck with my tag wagging a mile a minute. I knew were I was!

When I hopped outta the truck I had a wild beat to my step. I was all smiles and ready to explore and play.

First thing in the park I had to do some edging. *nom nom nom*  It felt good to stretch my legs without being on a leash. I was free to roam wherever I pleased.

Devin and I played toss for a bit until I decided to pull a "Superman". Superman lifts boulders, Me, I try and run straight through them.  Devin thought I had enough clearance after moving us over a few a few times before tossing the football.  My eye was on the target and not my surroundings.  I mowed right into side of the boulder not stopping once until I got that football. Devin hurt the connection, and came running to me.  I didn't have a care in the world.  Devin was more worried than I about my injuries.  I wanted to keep roaming around, but Devin had other plans for us.  

We went across to the beach, I had a quick dip to cool down.  Back in the truck and home we went.  I was put in the tub to rinse down my feet.  Once out of the tub, I went back to my bed in the bedroom.  Devin cleaned up my cuts and scrapes for me.  THEN it happened, out came my treatment boots.

Devin decided it was a good time to start up my treatment again.  We went off the treatment for a few days as Devin was feeling discouraged.  We're back on it full force from here on out.  I'll post photos of my feet only once a week now - starting monday.

What an exciting morning I've had and it's only 3 hours now into my day!

Here are the photos from this mornings run at the park.
put me in coach! I'm ready to play. (heading to the park)
Checking things out
Nom nom nom
edging around one of the boulders
Stopped long enough for a photo
 Let the running begin!


It's all fun and games until someone tries to run through a boulder.... 
Tried to run through the first boulder in the background
I wanted to keep grazing.
another ouchie
More ouchies
outside ouchie
Taking a quick dip to cool down
 Ouchie files:

 Ouchies all cleaned up and treated

 The dreaded boots - Treatment time

hmm? huh? what?
z z z ...


  1. What happened to his feet? Did he do that when he hit the boulder? :(

  2. The cuts and bits missing (blood) is from when he hit the boulder. He managed to just graze his chest on there too, small red spot :(

    Their skin is paper thin. He once cut himself up good on a twig.