Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Breaking The Silence

My blog would not be a complete truth if I continued on with my silence about an incident that happened on August 3, 2012.

Late at night I was up on the bunkbed (bottom bunk) at the camp.  Devin remembered my flea/tick treatment. I was 3 days late in getting it.

I wasn't really moving any to sit in a manner that would expose my back/neck equally for Devin to put the treatment down on me.

Nana came in to help out. Devin gave Nana my toothbrush along with toothpaste for me to lick off while I was administered my treatment.
Devin was putting on the last little bit when Nana switched to giving me my dehydrated beef liver snacks.  She broke it up into pieces. I ate the last piece, Nana attempted to show me that there was "no more". She told me "No more Milo" with her open hands/palms facing up. Now I've always licked the crumbs off Nana's hands and then I walk away.

Tonight I reacted differently.  No sooner did Devin place the last drop of treatment down, Nana had to pull her hand out from my mouth saying "Oh my god he has my hand".  When Nana exited the bunk area my lips were still pulled back with my head upwards to the sky.  As soon as Nana gave me my space, my mouth went normal.  I'm not sure what all the commotion was about, but I knew something wasn't right.  Nana rushed herself to the sink and ran water on her finger. I left a pretty bad bite on her.  There was a trail of blood drops from the bunk area to the kitchen.

Once Nana got seated (she was feeling a little weak, as you could imagine the shock), Devin went over to get Cousin Jill for help.  Cousin Jill came over, we took care of Nana.  I wandered into my nest and stayed there for the better part of the night.   Nana, Cousin Jill, and Aunt K.K. went to Fredericton (45min drive or so) away.   Nana finally arrived home 6 hours later with 5 stitches in her finger.

She didn't and still doesn't have any ill feelings towards me or what happened that night.  She later said, I should have known something was going to happen, he was starting to act disinterested in the toothbrush....

It still doesn't excuse my behavior.  When Nana arrived back at the camp she changed into some sleepy time clothes.  I was laying on the bunk across from Devin when Nana came in, I gave her a little startle, as I licked her elbow when she went to pick up her sleepy time clothes.

*This is one of the reasons why I will be going to obedience  class*   I need to learn a few commands. I'm not opposed to this at all. I think it will be a fun healthy bonding time for us all.

The verdict is still out on why I do what I do with my Nana at times.  She loves me so much and would give me the world (i think) if she could.  

Cousin Brent was able to maul on top of me pet me and just love me up while I laid there on the couch. I acted like it was Devin doing these things to me.  No big deal.      Devin said that we will get to the bottom of my Nana issues.

Here are photos from the incident. Not for the weak stomach.
Nana with the wet bandage they put on when she got to the hospital
Master at work
Dr was great. He helped pose Nana's finger for a better photo op :)
Dr with Nana :)

Nana's finger is well on the mend now. Its pretty well all healed over.  Memories of me.  Now to make better ones :)

XO Love you Nana!


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