Monday, August 13, 2012

Garden Stalking and Friends of my own kind...

A few photos from yesterday afternoon.

We went over to Nana's yesterday afternoon.  I helped out in the garden. I wanted to help a lot more but I was told I couldn't go in there and romp around.   Maybe they will let me in there when it's time to dig up the plants??  While Nana was picking the cherry tomatoes she tossed a bad one to the other end.  I was transfixed on the tomato, well at least the one I thought she tossed. The one I was starring at looked like my ball.  Stare and stare I did....  Finally when we walked the backyard I was given a cherry tomato. It was kinda weird, the way it splashed in my mouth when I bit into it. Weird.  A few attempts at eating it, I finished it up and off we went.

This morning Devin had to run into town.  I was given my KONGS - Pure Heaven!  Other than that, it has been a low key day here. I've been more than fine lounging around in my nest.  Devin's working nights tonight and tomorrow.  That means I get to hang out with Nana.

When we went for our pre work walk, we ran into Bossy. he's a bit 110lbs shepherd/something I think...
Apparently we have met before. Bossy was quick to come say Hi to me.  His owner said she is working on getting him to approach only when she says its okay, as he's a lot of weight to handle.  At any rate, it was nice to see another dog. I was all tail wags even after he left.   Sometimes living with only a human can be lonely.  It's nice to be around others like me...or kinda like me.


tuckered out from my run at the park
Garden Series:
Staring at the tomato I thought Nana tossed.  The tomato she tossed is to the left of me
But I want that one
Helping to weed the garden
Waiting for my white tomato
Checking out the cherry tomato
Hmm, not bad
On leash zoomies
 We stopped to check out Nana's butterfly plant:

My evening:
I spent most of the evening and night like this in my nest..well halfway outta my nest


Arts and Crafts - Left this for Devin
Devin convinced me to come out from my nest; well almost. I crept and crept until I made it out this far.
One of those days....
Corn Treatment completed today - Only once. 

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