Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unexpected Visiting - People Watcher

We went over to Nana's today to do the beet pickling.  Devin brought up my blankets from the basement for me to lay on.
Rye-Lee for the most part kept to himself on the back of the couch.  When the storm started to roll in though he got a little antsy and went from the back of the couch to the kitchen looking for some comfort.  I didn't bother with him at all while he bounced down to the side of me.

When we arrived home there was the "new girl" moving in down the hall. She was silly and left her door open. Devin didn't know this when I was unleashed at the top of the stairs. I took myself for a walk into her doorway, Devin stopped me before I could get in there any further.  The girl came to the doorway with her friend, Devin apologized for me while I just stood there staring at the two of them.  Devin told her that I like to do that.  Which it's true, I do like to stand and people watch. I guess though, when they are in their own home its not really appropriate when I haven't been invited in, eh?


This evening when Devin tried to get me out from my nest the "move move" technique didn't work. I'm on to Devin; "out" means boots.  Not doing it.

It took a lot of coaxing to get me to come out from my nest.  We did some target training, when that was over with I laid on the ground on my side not budging.  Devin did manage to get me to get up, and off we went. A few times I tried to scoot away from the door unnoticed. I was promptly redirected to the door, and off we went, "sans boots".  We didn't go very far. I had a good pant on.  Devin thinks the panting isn't so much to do with the weather, as it is to do with the discomfort of my steps on hard surfaces. *le sigh*

Anyway, That's it for today.

Me and Rye-Lee
Me and Rye-Lee
Me and Rye-Lee:  Less smelly down here (Pickling 2012)
I almost forgot - There is a photo of me on the website. It's of me getting a massage :)

Check me out!

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