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Camp Adventures - New Brunswick 2012 July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012

Last night I decided to curl up on the couch with Devin while Nana slept in Devin's bed.
I stayed up there for a bit before retiring to the bedroom.  I had a sleep over with Nana!
I stayed on my bed though.

Devin woke me up at 2am. When I got out of bed my nest had been taken down and it was being walked out the door.  Eeeeeep!!!!

I joined Devin outside while the truck contents got rearranged to accommodate my nest.  Devin put me in the backseat while things were shifted about.  I was okay back there until Devin tried to move the seats back and forth. That kinda freaked me out and I jumped up.  Devin calmed me down and apologized.

We got Nana up when we came back in from organizing the truck and going on our morning walk.  At 0330hrs we hit the road.   We stopped a few times to let me stretch my grasshopper legs.  It was quite cramped in the backseat.

I was nothing but tail wags when we arrived at the lake. I hopped out of the truck and made my way to the front of the camp.

I did a meet and greet with my cousin Raya.  A while later Cousin Huddy came out to see me. 
Raya doesn't like Huddy giving attention to anyone but her. She kinda got in between Huddy and I.   Huddy is very laid back like me.

Devin took me out in the lake with Cousin Jill.  Complete with Life Jacket, I was carried out into the water.   Devin eased me down into the water, holding on to my life jacket like a suitcase. I froze and didn't make a peep. Staring ahead with my head arched straight to the sky, with nostrils flaring.  I finally figured out how to use my front legs, slowly i started to paddle in an awkward slow motion.  My back legs were tucked up into me. When Devin let go of my life jacket I started to barrel to the side.  We stopped a few times, Devin held me in the water to give me a break.   Once we were all cooled down we made our way into shore.  Devin carried me to the dock and put me up on there.  I had sea legs and wobbled when I stood on the dock.

 Devin dried me off and brought me back to the camp.
Brent helped set up my octagon gate/fence.  Devin put my bed inside there for me to lay on.

I spent the majority of my afternoon in my octagon.  Devin climbed inside and gave me my foot treatment while i laid around in there.

Supper came and went, we went for a short walk. From all the changes today my stomach is a bit upset. :( Nothing pumpkin can't help with.

That's it for today!


Do we have to get up??
Uhm, Something isn't right...
So cramped...
Looking out into the darkness
Can't see anything, might as well nap
Uhm, Hello?
Hey, what's going on?
look at all that traffic! (traffic jam, car accident up ahead)
off we go again..
Mind if i just kinda...yeah put my nose here....z z z z
Devin broke out the raw corn. I had a sniff, didn't interest me.
le sigh
YAY!! we made it!!
Checkin' things out
Drying off - Took a "swim" in the river

ahhh, the camp life!
Corn 1
Corn 2
stole Devin's bunkbed
*view* from Great Aunt K.K.'s deck. My life jacket drying
z z  z z
Tucked in for a nap
Rockin' my thera paws
First night away from home. Decided to crawl into bed with Devin (something I SELDOM do)
Stay tuned for another entry :)

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