Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alllll byyyyy Myyyyseeelllffffff ~ rooooooo~

Well Devin did it again today...

I was left alone while the truck went in for an oil change.  Devin put down my 5 KONGS for me. I was going in circles not sure which one to NOM NOM NOM first.

As Devin went to the door, i followed along with a KONG in my mouth. I flung it towards the door.  I can't believe I was left alone.  I wanted me and the KONG to go too. 

I didn't do too much in the way of damages while Devin was gone.  I did get into the bathroom garbage and pulled out a tissue; that was the extend of my mischievousness.

Devin came home, we went for a walk.  It's darn cold out there today!  -25c with the wind.
I don't care much for crunch snow, matter of fact I STRONGLY dislike it.

We did some Target Touch Training.  Devin is determined to have me learn how to "come here" on command.  We'll get there.

Devin cut my clomicalm dosage in half yesterday.  I'm only taking half a pill as opposed to 1 full one.
We'll see how that works for me. 

Devin has noticed that i've been gassy since we switched foods.  Burps and fluffs
I'm about half way done with my new bag of food. Devin is going to call Dr. Janet and see about going back on Holistic Select.  Shall see.

We are in for the night~

Curled up in a ball last night - Tuck and Snooze

My nose was a bit out of joint today.  Might have something to do with being left alone.

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