Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lazy Dayz...

Much of the same....
I wouldn't budge for an evening "out" last night.  Devin decided to not force the issue and left me be.

Tonight when Devin arrived home from work, i was stretching and looking at the door as it opened.  
Devin + home = Suppertime!!!

It didn't take long for me to gobble down my meal before retiring back to my nest for the evening.  Devin asked me a few times if i wanted to go outside. My eyes got a "little" big, but my laziness won. 
I'm staying in where it's warm.

Tomorrow Devin is going to call the vet to see about getting me (yet again) different food.  The "Go" brand salmon with oatmeal isn't doing anything for my stomach.  It seemed fine in the beginning, not so much now.

Dr. Janet said that if this stuff didn't work for me I'd have to go on a gastro food. *paws crossed*
I miss my old holistic select brand *le sigh*

Photos from last night:
The Hawthorne snooze

Sleeping - eyes open...

It's hard work - sleeping, eating, pooping , peeing, sleeping eating pooping peeing...................

So thankful for my blue bunny Nana picked up for me (before she knew me)


much like last night. Full belly = greyt sleeps!


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