Friday, January 20, 2012

Sneaky..Very Sneaky...

Devin can be real sneaky!

I hadn't stirred but a few times last night to grab a quick drink of water then wander back into my "nest".  
This morning I had breakfast around 7am. Devin was really sneaky and closed the door to my "nest" while I ate.  I did protest "outside" though. Once done my breakfast Devin told me it was time to go outside.
I slinked off in front of the tv and dropped myself down to the ground.  Devin didn't give in to this protest.

Out came the winter coat, then the head muff (head muff while i was standing at the door). I was sure glad to have that on this morning!  
I'm happy to report that my tummy is back to full operating systems. 

Once back in the house, it was time for Devin to workout.  Again, photos below show my support.

Night shift tonight. I think Nana is coming to hang out with me for a bit tonight.  I like the company.


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