Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Octopus Sleeps

I wandered into the bedroom last night and crashed around on my bed.  I finally stopped moving around near morning time.  It's hard to get your feet to stay up against things when they can't hook around on stuff - IE: "nest walls".  I kept throwing my feet up against the closet door only to have them fall, i had to keep readjusting myself.  EXHAUSTING NIGHT!

While breakfast was being served Devin closed the door to my nest.  After gobbling down my food I retreated to the bedroom.  No sooner did I lay down on my bed Devin was chasing in after me with my winter coat telling me it was time to go outside. *UGH*

I didn't help Devin any with putting on my coat, I just laid there. As soon as it was over my head, Devin told me "outside"; I got up without a fight and walked to the door.

We had a nice LONG walk this morning, nearly a 2km one.  That evil dog named PENNY was outside and yapping at us as we passed by.  I'm good to just ignore her, i wish she'd do that same with me.

After my walk, i was sure happy to be back inside where it's warm.  I wasted no time jetting to my "nest" - waiting patiently for Devin to reopen the door.     In i went, I don't plan on moving from here today.

Dr. Janet called us back (Devin placed a call this morning while we were on our walk).  She suggested that we try the "NOW!" brand dog food.   I'm about halfway done this bag.  Not sure what to do with it if we change over now.   Anyone in our area need some dog food?  I don't believe the OSPCA takes open bags of dog food.  Hmm.....

That's it for now.


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