Saturday, January 21, 2012

Evicted From Nana's Day Care Services

Last night Devin brought me over to Nana's to hang out for the night.  I was laying on my bed surrounded by my blankets when Rye-Lee came by and started sniffing my blankets.  I let out one heck of a bark/growl and flashed my teeth  I scared the bejesus out of Nana (who was sitting on the couch eating supper) and Papa George (who came running from the bathroom to see what happened).  It didn't take Rye-Lee much time to find his way back up on the back of the couch.

Nana brought me home a while later. I made a direct run for my "nest".  I hung out there until Nana got me my KONG. 

When Devin came home in the morning I was still curled up in my "nest".  We had breakfast, went out and then went back to bed.   I didn't make even 1 (one) attempt to get into bed with Devin.  I'm still not sure about that steamroller incident.

Back to bed for a bit - 


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