Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spa Treatment

Gina trimmed and filed my nails for me. She's the best!  I feel like a million dollar now.
All that pampering though made me rather sleepy. 

Before we could go home we stopped off at the pet store to pick up a big bag of my "new" food. 
I'm such a hit wherever I go. Everyone is always complimenting me on my "soft coat" and beautiful markings.
I had an incident in the store where I walked past a turning stand thingy, my coat got caught on it and it came with me, I tried to run frantically away from the scary noise, but it followed me a short movement. 

One of the girls gave me a yummy snack after the "big scary" rack tried to chase me.  I'm sure getting spoiled today. Gina gave me a few treats too after my nails were done. I showed her how i can "sit".

After the pet store we went over to Nana's for a quick visit.
Tuckered out from all the excitement today
 Devin loaded me back into the truck and off we went home...
Where's my head??
My head looks so tiny in my new coat

 Devin got a chuckle and told me I kinda looked like the shrunken head from beetlejuice.


What do you think??


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