Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling A Bit Like Elvis.....

I'm feeling a bit like Elvis Presley here....
Ride back from the vet

Nose looking like it's about to pop off

We went to the vet today to pick up my Clomicalm. We were lucky and Janet came out to the front when we walked in.  Devin asked Dr. Janet what our other food option was if the "NOW" brand didn't work. We'll have to try an gastro food next if this doesn't work *paws crossed it does*.  We told Janet too that we had to go back up on our Clomicalm dosage, the decrease wasn't agreeing with me.
In talking about my stomach upset over these past few days, Janet gave me a prescription for Metronidazole.
I'm to take this: 3 pills once a day for 5 days.  This should help with my stomach upset and the with the transition to my new food.

After the vets office, we went back towards home.  First stop was to pick up a new bag of dog food; The girl who works there said that the "GO!" is made by the same company has "NOW!".  We went with the GO! - hopefully this won't be a mistake.  Essentially it's the same, only one has 2% less protein in it. We took the lesser protein one.

Supper tonight was a combination of my old food (Nature's Balance) and a scoop of the new stuff. Salmon and Oatmeal.  Janet did say that I could have some rice with my food to help hold things together.  I could have pumpkin too, it wouldn't hurt. *I'll have that tomorrow*

 So back to my feeling like Elvis Presley -   Peanut Butter Pill Sandwich anyone??
3 stomach pills and clomicalm pill

PB Pills on a Spoon for dessert.  *yum*

I stayed over at Nana's these past 2 nights. Here are some photos that were taken at Nana's.

Terry and Me hanging out

Everyone in their comfy spots

Er - I can't really explain this photo - Even my mouth looks kinda special.  Nana put her winter hat on me.


Cuddling under Devin's shirt

Find a happy place..find a happy place...
Hmmm, that didn't work.

Going to try this again..Find a happy place..find a happy place...

They were too slow in taking me out. I found Terry and plopped down.

Snuggled in for the night
Rye-Lee and his haircut. He's naked!!!

Hanging off my bed

z z zz

Being modest

zz  zzz


Rye-Lee hanging out

zz  zzz

 Some of the snow we got today...

We normally walk under this tree. Not aware of the branches, today they hit Devin on the head.

I think that's about it from me for today.  I'm tuckered out.


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