Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Rolled Over and The Other Fell out...

I stayed the night at Nana's last night.  I'm going back there again tonight for a sleep over. The weather here isn't the greatest - A combination of ice rain and snow. *Blah*
Seeing that I'm going to stay the night at Nana's, Devin decided to leave my bed there.

When I got home from Nana's, I had my breakfast and went to lay down beside Devin's bed. My bed wasn't there.  I had a ghetto set up of a bed (a few blankets on the floor) beside Devin's.  I didn't last but a minute on there before I gave Devin sad eyes and wandered over to the bed.  Devin told me I could come up on the bed, I curled right in.  It didn't take me long before Devin had me "move". Apparently feet in the face and neck aren't comfy - Meh...

I moved, but i was too close to the edge, Devin warned me that I'd fall out of bed again.  Sure enough it didn't take long until I rolled over, Devin watched me fall out of bed (again) in slow motion.  I had a look of panic and disgust on my face (i'm sure), I wasn't sure if Devin pushed me out of bed or what exactly was happening.  I haven't tried to get back up on the bed since.  I retreated to my "nest".

Devin got up around noon to let me outside, I didn't want to go though.  Back to bed Devin went, about an hour later I threw myself into door and laid down.  I know this sends Devin running to see what's up. 
Mission - Take me outside : complete. 

Now we're back home and both have retired to our respective sleeping areas.

Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow - we aren't holding our breath, they are calling for 10-20cm of snow.
We need to call the vet tomorrow to get a refill on my clomicalm.

Off I go,


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