Monday, January 9, 2012

A Lesson In Stranger Danger - Big City Adventures

We loaded up and went to the big city for the weekend.

1) I had Christmas gifts waiting for me.  I was given a box of Milkbones, Blanket and a squeaky toy

2) I played at the park.  There was a bit of a dog fight on our last day there.  The owners were trying to separate their dogs from each other. With all the barking, growling going on, I felt the need to get in on it. I ran from one end of the park to where the action was.  Devin yelled at me but I kept on going towards the action.  I didn't get involved, but got close to the situation.  Everyone was put in their place to relax. I wandered around.

3) Play friend - Colby.  Colby got me to play with him, he's a young shepherd mix, he was barking carrying on. I finally gave in to his request. We ran after each other; when i'd get too close Colby would whine and cry like he was being eaten, I had a good growl on while I chased him, Devin wasn't sure if i was playing or "hunting".  I got yelled at to stop a few times, but Colby's mom told Devin that's just the way Colby is, a big baby, cries like that when he plays.   We continued to chase each other around the park.


Devin and I went to the park at 6am (something we did in the summer time, wasn't a big deal it was light outside then).

Our usual entrance was blocked off this weekend - there are normally 3 entry/exit points -  1 on either end of the park, and the one that leads out into this garden area.

I wandered around for a bit doing my morning thing, Devin caught sight of a person who came out from an area.  This person walked past us on the walkway, then back again, then back yet again, It seemed suspicious so Devin kept an eye on the person while I continued to wander around.  Devin got a gut feeling that we needed to get out of the park.  As Devin put my leash back on me, another person emerged from the building area, they joined the "suspicious" walker on the park bench outside the building.  One lit up a cigarette. When Devin and I exited the park, they both got up and started walking towards Devin and I, Devin had me running.  I wasn't sure what was going on; I was dragging behind while Devin was pulling me long.  We down the length of the park, up the side, they were still following us, we ran out into the street, walked down the center of the road while a few cars passed us.  Then continued to run.  I didn't quite understand the urgency to run the way we were though. After we had ran the length of backside of the park, that brought us to the short side (entrance side we normally enter on - also leads us up the street we were standing on).  The strange people had changed direction and were meeting us up that side of the park.  Devin still dragging me behind, kept running.  The only thing that got me going was a strange man who was out on the corner clapping his hands to make the pigeons fly away.  THAT got me running a full 3 gallops.  We didn't look behind us, just kept running until we made it home.  Where we were staying, we're about 2 minutes from the park.  

Lesson learned:  No early morning park runs when the sun has not risen yet.  STRANGER DANGER! 

Packed up and ready to go...

Comfy... I like car rides...

Curled up  z z  z z

Where are we now Devin?


Maybe I'll just sit...

Still awkward sitting

Chewing on my Christmas toy , one foot on my new blanket

Comfy - Terry was evicted from the blanket area

The red sock monkey on the beside table - I stole a few times

Napping with my possessions
We went down to the beach area for a walk.

Eyes closed
No one looking forward

Everyone looking :)

back home....
fresh air got the best of me

Going down?
At the park

English bull dog friend :)
Sleeping - legs crossed

zz   zz




z   z  z

out cold

chicken wing arm

still sleeping

Sports Injury - On our way out from the park yesterday Devin noticed that I was limping.
I hurt my foot at the park - again

It looks worse than It was.  We got it all cleaned up

On our way home from the big city - checking things out as we leave...

And I'm out for the count....
zz z  z
Worlds best traveler

Back home - It didn't take me long to settle in here.  I went from my "nest" to my bed beside Devin's bed. I was out cold all night. 


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