Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Like A Black Ninja In The Night....

Last night I was sneaky and got up on the bed while Devin was getting ready for bed.  I had myself pressed up against the pillows, but not sprawled out like I normally do.  Devin didn't see me and went full pin into bed; crashing against my stomach/bum.  I didn't make a peep; I got up and went to get off the bed. Devin apologized to me several times, citing " i didn't see you there".  Devin tried to keep me up on the bed, but I had enough trauma for the night and made my way to "my bed" beside Devin's bed. 

sleeping after the trauma...

Found a comfy semi quiet spot while Devin cleaned the carpets today. 
Are you almost done??

Oh, bother....

 Devin went to the post office to look for my parcel.  Apparently it should be in tomorrow morning.  We were really hoping it would be in today.  Oh well, You can't always get what you want.    I didn't fuss any when Devin left the house to go to the post office.   I'll tell you though, I kept a keen eye on Devin though for the remainder of the afternoon.

Keeping a close eye on Devin. 
 Devin went out for a haircut today.  Leaving him home alone with 4 filled KONGS (kibble and pumpkin).
When Devin returned I was a panting mess upon greeting.  I was stressed thinking Devin would leave me again.   I'll get over this, it's just going to take some time and work on both our parts.

Devin couldn't figure out what I was doing under the couch, I managed to wiggle myself under the couch;  up to my mid ribcage.  Devin told me there wasn't anything under there to eat; I KNEW otherwise.
Devin counted my KONGS and realized that one of them was from the other day, it hadn't been lifted.  Under the couch we both went.  I accidentally pushed my KONG under there while Devin was out.

NOM NOM NOM Devin got my KONG out from under the couch for me.  MY HERO!!!

 While Devin worked out tonight I showed my support.

z z zz

zz  zzz

Tomorrow we go see GINA at 1pm for my nails.  They seem to be growing like weeds lately. No real pavement to wear them down on.

Devin's been at me to go outside.  It's so slippery out there.  One big skating rink!
Mayyyyybe I'll go before our official bedtime.  meh


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