Monday, January 16, 2012

Shake.... Paw?

I took Nana for a LONG walk today; 2kms or so.  I sure do like to walk Nana.  Nana said the weather is suppose to be bad tomorrow, Devin is going to drop me off first thing in the morning before heading into work; to save poor Nana from driving out in the icky weather to come let me out.  I don't mind staying there one bit, it's a win win!

Tonight when Devin got home from work I gobbled up my supper.  Devin was going to workout right after feeding me, but I wouldn't have that. I quickly made myself comfy outside my "nest".

 "Comfy" got old real quick, I moved on to playing with my toys.  I had a lazy moment where I was laying/leaning up against my toy box, picking the toys out one by one.

Wag wag wag wag - Toys my favorite thing!!!

Get it!!!


Wag wag wag, batting my front feet around

action shot - flipping side to side

time out

and breathe...
I finally let Devin get the workout on.  I wasn't sure what to make of this "cardio" session, Devin was kicking feet all over, and punching at the air. I wasn't sure if I should attempt to dial for help.  It sure was a sight to see; and i'm called "weird" at times.  hehe

When we came back in from our evening walk Devin had me "sit". I sat down and raised my paw a bit off the ground. Kind of "unsure", Devin took that opportunity to try "shake paw".  I kept my paw there for the "shake".  I'm just full of new things!  There's now holding me back now!!!

Maybe once Devin gets in better shape we can try an agility class together?? I think that would be fun!

Almost bedtime!


PS.  Sadly Devin isn't going to give me anymore peanut butter.  Aunt K.K. met another lady at the soccer field this past summer; she has a greyhound. She made mention that as much as "we" (greys) like peanut butter we shouldn't be having it. It doesn't agree with our system.

You'd think Devin would have remembered this from the beginning when I'd have PB mixed in with my kibble to freeze in my KONG.  Humans can sure be slow/forgetful learners...


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