Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's been so cold out lately that I haven't wanted to budge from my "nest".  Devin has tried all stops with me to get me to go outside. I wouldn't even go for a handful of frozen beans; Banana's are my new "weakness".

Devin did manage to wrangle me outside this morning around 8-9am.  We walked down the road (sidewalks here are nonexistent) and nearly made it to Nana's road. I did my thing, and we turned around home.

The next time Devin managed to get me to go outside was around 6pm. I don't believe I went out mid-day. hmm.. I'm getting old, i can't remember.

In order to get me to go outside after supper, Devin bribed me with a piece of frozen banana  I caved quickly.   Our walk was short, we FINALLY have one sidewalk (down the main street) to walk down. I made it just to the second corner did what i had to do, and hightailed it home!  I had icicles hanging from my whiskers. brrrrrr*  Who stole the heat from the sun??

 Taken last night - much what I did today. I didn't leave my nest but a few times today to grab a sip of water.
Lazy night

Really Devin?   Not buying it.

Nope, still not going
Okay you win.

well are you coming??

When Devin went to do laundry today I didn't cry. however I did have a minor melt down when after we came inside and Devin went back outside to the car.   I felt a bit deserted.   Meh.....

Okay, that's it for today.  Time to go back to sleep (again).  I so love sleeping!


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