Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poopie Day :(

On Friday just before we went on our road trip I managed to eat a few pieces of plastic from a container that had a serving of my food in it.   Sometime last night I decided I didn't want that plastic piece in my any longer. I was sick all over my new blanket, lambie blanket and carpet. *burp*

Devin brought me outside for my morning walk, I was acting weird not wanting to pee or poop.
I finally did both, we came back home where I continued to act "off". Panting here and there.  Devin brought me back outside, I went to the washroom again.  This went on another time.   Finally Devin decided to take me to the park.

We went there I just kind of wandered around, not paying much attention to the other dogs that were there.
I had explosive poopies :(  Me no feel good today.  I continued to poop several more times while we were there. 

Devin called the vet to see if I could go back on my hollistic select food.  The receptionist explained that no amount of water would help with the crystals, it's the food that produces them.   So I guess we're going to try NOW! brand on Friday; slowly mix it with my other food.

I forgot to mention that I did manage to cut open my back foot (again) at the park.  Devin brought me back home, ran me a bubble foot bath, cleaned off my foot, put some ointment on it and that was that.

 What a rough day!

Devin went over to Nana's for a little bit, before leaving I was asked if I wanted to go, I declined, I was more than content to stay laying in my "nest".  Not even a peep out of me. 

*note earlier* when Devin cleaned my laundry for me I did put up a fuss a few times.  I have my moments where I'm a bit more vocal than others.

 On a plus note, I'm still nailing the "sit" command.  I'm a freaking genius!  Devin points one finger up and tells me to sit, I plop my bum down (well as far down as a greyhound can go).

Yesterday - Sitting :)

Last night - sleeping at the foot of the bed

Enough with the flash

Am i suppose to sleep on, or beside my bed???

I don't even know how I got here...

Completely pooped (in all sense of the word) from my time at the park today...

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