Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rise and Shine - I learned something new!

I had Devin up at 1:55am this morning. 

I was crying, but Devin couldn't find me.  Out from the bedroom there was a shredded tissue, I wasn't in my "bed" beside Devin's nor was I in my "nest".  I was curled up against the door that leads outside.  I had to go out.   We went for a short walk, I stood there and peed for about 5mins solid.

Devin found this kind of strange, as I had just gone out at 9:30pm.  It must be the bowl of distilled water working its way through my system.  

Back in we came, I crashed until 7am.  I again let out a cry to go outside.  Devin sprung out of bed, and off we went for our morning walk.

Back out again around 9am, maybe i'll let Devin rest some - night shift night tonight.

My tummy is feeling a bit better today. Actually fantastic by yesterday's standards.

To Recap on things I've taken upon myself to learn:
1) sit - this one still shocks Devin everytime.
2) cry to be let out.

Feeling better today

Sick boy last night :(


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