Tuesday, January 17, 2012


To Nana's house we go.....  Disregard the look of terror in my eye.

Devin dropped me off at Nana's this morning and had to leave me rather quickly. I had a look of "Where are you going"  on my face while Nana pulled my jacket up over my head.  Before I could blink twice Devin disappeared out the door.

Nana had my bed already  made up for me. I made myself comfy!
I did get my nose a little out of joint today when Nana tried to get me to go outside and when she tried to put on my collar.  I had a case of the growlies. Nana put me straight quick though. Nana won, we went out for a walk :)  It's never that bad ONCE i get outside. It's the work up to it. *ugh*  Really who wants to leave a warm comfy bed???

Rye-Lee hanging out on the arm of the chair

I like to cuddle up against the couch

z  z  z z

Oh my, this is the life! *zz z z z*

I had my nose out of joint. Nana upset me. Maybe if i cover my head....If i can't see her she can't see me???

Le sigh....
I had a real good sleep at Nana's. My back legs were running a while a minute. Nana asked me if i won my race. hehe  My Nana is funny!

I went to the door this afternoon to let Nana know I needed to go outside.  Once outside, Dutches (the black lap from next door) came running out at me. I didn't care much for this. I jumped up on my back legs and let out a growl (When Devin heard this, I was told, too bad I don't do this when "strange" people approach).  Dutches did this a few times to me, I didn't like her running at me like that.. AT ALL.  I think she eventually got the point.

I did meet up with the two white shepherds. They were so happy to see me, as was I happy to see them. They are soooo gentle with me.  Why can't everyone be like that??

Not much going on here tonight.  Once back home I had the last of my "tummy" pills.  Devin gave me my pills with some pumpkin tonight. By the time i figured out what was in my pumpkin it was too late to spit them out, they were halfway down my throat.  gobble gobble

Tummy pills, clomicalm and pumpkin puree....
  I'm glad those are done with.  ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING

Supper was stressful....
watching Devin workout was tiring....

 Turning in for the night.


PS - MY JACKET and Head Muff should be in tomorrow!!! *YAY*
With the way the weather is shaping up tonight I'm going to need my raincoat for tomorrow. *blah*
Freezing rain for the next 6-8hrs.

Wishing I was in Florida with my Auntie Shelley, Uncle Mat and Cousin Parker.

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