Monday, January 23, 2012

Turned around and Pink Footballs

Oh I feel so disorganized.   Devin's night shifts have me all turned around.

I had a few issues Saturday night when Devin went to leave for work.  I had a mini melt down which required Nana to come to my rescue.  I had settled down by the time Nana came near the apartment. Well i settled for a moment then started up a cry.  Nana took me outside.  I had to go to the washroom.  Tummy cramps! Thank goodness for Nana!

Took Devin forever to get me out of my "nest". I was ready to finally go out though.

Saturday night - Giving Devin the eyes instead of going to lay on the "big" bed or in my nest.  Apparently this look is the one i give when i'm going to have some "issues"

Decided to pull my toys out before Devin went off to work

Defeated.  *le sigh*

Yoga - Greyhound sleep poses...

 Where are we going, huh?? huh???
Devin and I brought me to fill up the water jug. On our way home we decided to stop in Petsmart to check out the new store.  I was given lots of attention by the staff and costumers. 

Sweet score!  Pink football. Who says pink isn't for boys??  Devin put back the football on me a few times.
I was pretty insistent on taking it home with me.  Another one for my toy box.  Actually it's staying out in the car. Devin said we can take it to the park with us when we go.
Nom nom nom nom

Crazy face :)

out of breath. that was fun!

We stopped by Nana's on our way home from town.....

I made myself at home :)

 Devin decided now that my tummy seems to be back on track, we'd take out the "training bed" and do some target training.    Note* DEVIN DECIDED.  I wasn't sold on the idea. It's been a while since we've done this.   Devin tried to encourage me out from my "nest".  Trails of "liver" were dropped about.

I did really well today. 
*sat without being asked
*laid down without being asked
*rolled over without being asked
*stayed on my "training bed" while Devin went down the hall telling me to "wait".  Once out of sight, told me to come, and up i  went down the hall.
*roll over became confusing a few times... I worked it out though..

really, are you serious? I think you're up to something. I don't trust you. I'm not going OUTSIDE.



nope... well maybe

Streeeetch nom nom nom

back into my nest...

Nope... I don't wanna

Okay...  Relaxing for a moment after my training session.

And back inside my nest.... Training exhausts me
z z  z zz

 Tomorrow I'll be on my own for a bit while Devin and Nana run the roads.  I suspect a few of my KONGS will be made up to keep me entertained while I'm left to watch the house on my own.


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