Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Going To School!

Devin called Shannoncourt this morning to see about getting me in on a 1 on 1 class with Shannon.
The earliest they have is tomorrow afternoon at 2:15pm.  Devin booked us in; Nana is coming too.

I'm not quite sure what to expect, but for some reason I think it's going to be different from the last time I was in school; Ya know, when I used to race and place first? ( I don't mean to toot my own horn  *hehe* )

This morning when Devin's alarm clock went off at 4:30am, i sprung off my bed like i was racing out of the starting gates.  Normally when that alarm clock goes off (work days) that means breakfast is being served.
Devin tried to call me back, but it was too late I was out in my "nest" waiting for service.  Devin didn't come fora  while after, I had nodded off back to sleep.  I thought for a moment I had been forgotten about.
Devin apologized for the alarm clock wake up call. *yawn*  I suppose it was okay.

I had my breakfast, we went back to bed for a bit, Devin woke up to the sound of me panting on my bed.
I was ready to go outside!

Off we went on our walk, we swung by Nana's to see if she'd like to accompany us on our drizzly walk.
We walked the big loop and back home we came.  Nothing too exciting on our walk this morning; 'cept Nana spoke with a nice man and told him how i was afraid of the wood on his lawn.  He and Nana got talking, he came down and gave me "scritches".

Back home and in my nest.  Devin gave me my deer antler. I don't make much if any attempt at all to get it myself, but when Devin hands it to me I nibble on them for a bit.  They are tasty, but I get nowhere fast with them.

Here are a few photos from yesterday and today:

Devin came to bed the other night to find me snuggled up with the pillows (again)

I was asked to "move move" so I moved here.  I generally won't take the left side of the bed. I'm a right side of the bed sleeper.  Too much energy to actually "move move" far.  So I plopped there.

z  z  z

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite....

Last night I came to bed and flopped myself up against the closet door. Devin LOVES (insert sarcasm) when I do this.. *hehe*  My front feet eventually drop, but they slowly lower in a manner that sounds like faucet that is left slightly open to drink slowly;  Devin turned on the "nature sound" option on the radio to try and drown out my feet flicks and "water drips" sounds.   Not sure what Devin's problem was, but I sure slept well. haha
and the front leg start upward.....

Slowly lowers then goes back up again..hehe
After breakfast this morning I made my way back to bed, I found one of Devin's pillows
Pillow cuddles!
  Laying on the ground with my raincoat on, waiting for Nana to come for our walk with us.                                              
In from our walk, Nom nom nom'ing on the deer antler
nom nom (i go between the two)
Helping Devin keep my teeth clean
 After my walk this morning I was pretty exhausted -
Well I WAS sleeping Devin.
Go away - if I cover my eyes....
and back to sleep....

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