Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sinking In The Sand and Crazy Canadian Weather!

With the warmer weather, and clear roads Devin and I have been taking longer walks, more specifically to the beach area.  Yesterday Devin wasn't really thinking - with the milder temps and all the rain we received the other day ... Well lets just say it was an adventure!

The roadway that leads us down into the beach was all gravel, the previous days we had to follow the ski-doo tracks in.  That wasn't so bad, that gave me more things to sniff at. 

When we started making our way down into the beach area; that's when the adventures began.  Devin and I sunk in up near our ankles.   As mentioned above with all the rain, that loosened up the sand and kind of turned it into a bit of quick sand. Devin and I maneuvered our way out from the sand and walked closer to the water line - MUCH better!
It wasn't nice beach walking weather so we decided to cut it short and head home; now came the difficult part (again), how were we going to get ourselves back up on the "mainland" through all that yucky wet sand. haha

We managed to make our way through, and came across a play set.  Devin and checked it out.  The age restrictions read 5-12 years of age.  Good thing I turned 5 this past October!

It mentioned needing good strength (CHECK!) sand coordination (Still working on some of that)....

Photos from yesterday:
Trying to figure out how we were going to get to the "safe" higher ground.
I'm 5!  I can play!!!

Checkin' things out

hmm not sure about this....

Yeah, enough of that..

heading home....
This morning:
Devin got up at our usual time, I had breakfast and climbed into my bed besides Devin, all covered up I passed out for another hour.   When Devin got up, it was workout time. I participated by laying near the TV (while Devin did stretches in between movements).   For about 2 days now I've been "showing" Devin when I need to go outside.  I start to pace, become restless.  I've yet to go to the door, but I'm giving Devin cues.

Devin asked if I could wait just 8 more minutes before we struck out for our morning walk.  I'm pretty easy going that way and wandered off to my "nest" to wait out those 8mins
Hanging out in front of the tele while Devin stretches in between workout sets

Moved into Devin's workout path....
Hangin' out in the hall - Can we go now???
 Where did the white stuff come from?? Yesterday we were walking on dry clear roads, this morning when we struck out all was snow covered again; Canadians sure do have strange weather!
tra la la

Tra lalalala (deep snow)

Just keep walkin'....

On a mission

I have a habit of walking under trees/bushes - Today I had snow dumped on me! Hmpft*

So much exercise lately has me feeling pooped!  In a good way :)  Not the typical sleepy greyhound way. hehe

Once in from our walk this morning I found me a patch of sun up on Devin's bed.
Catchin' some sun
Zz zz

I woke up from my sun catching only to find Devin was hoovering over me with a tooth brush and toothpaste.  I'm always reminded "We brush the teeth we want to keep Milo". *ugh*  Can't Devin just leave me be???

Devin went for a shower- that triggered me into thinking Devin was going to head out soon.
Once I was convinced that, that wasn't the case, I wandered off into my nest with my sparkle fresh teeth and breath to catch some much needed sleep.

 Time to rest up, not sure when our next walk is going to be.  One thing I do know is that we're
going to see Melissa, Sherry R, Angel and The Twins tonight.  Must get my beauty sleep.


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