Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trying Out New Things...

Yesterday morning while Devin got ready for work, I got myself comfy. I found a nice comfy spot between pillows and blankets. hehe
Maybe Devin won't see me.....

Oh this is the life!

Last night after I went for my walk and had my supper I crashed out pretty hard.  Devin said I could be heard all the way into the bathroom with my  zz z z z z breathing.

And then it happened...

Devin went to bed, I was still in my nest, after a few moments Devin heard me get up and shuffle down the hall.  Devin called my name, but I had other plans for myself tonight.  I went into the "computer/spare room" and plopped myself down on my "training bed".  Devin came to see what I was up to.


z z  zz
What are you looking at??

Shortly after Devin finished with the snapshots *ugh* I wandered into our room and dropped down on my bed.   Again with the heavy z z z z breathing. It's soooo tiring being a greyhound.


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